Verendus = The modern and web-based system, developed and focused especially for the motorhome and caravan trade.

Verendus = A team of motorhome and caravan enthusiasts who know from experience how the trade works.

Verendus – Dealer Management System (DMS) 

One comprehensive solution for all your areas of business: Sales, workshop and POS system.

  • Web-based – Easy access, modern appearance
  • Easy to use – Experienced and new employees quickly get to grips with it
  • Specialized – Developed specifically for the caravan industry, in collaboration with thousands of users over the years
  • Price lists updated – The price lists of most brands are integrated in the system.
  • Workflow based – Simple, clear and seamless processes between different business areas: sales, workshop and shop
  • “Up-to-date” – Updates and improvements are released continuously and without additional fees, and you are always on the latest version


"After comparing different business systems to find a process structure for building our business, we chose Verendus. Having had experience of using various other complicated business systems, Verendus proves to be the superior and best choice: Web-based, user-friendly and with the most integrated features we need to get from being good to getting even better!"

Joakim Norberg, Managing Director and Business Owner -Autohallen Husbilar


Ferda AS

Forsbergs Fritidscenter

Bengt I Örkelljunga

Arve Opsahl AS

Stamsaas Fritid AS

Tumbo Husvagnar

Mysen Caravan AS

Autohallen Husbilar

Bergen Caravan

Husbilslandet i Bäck AB

Aktiebolaget Lindströms Husvagnar

Vinslövs Fritidscenter Aktiebolag

Namsos Fritid AS

PR Husbilar AB

Cabo AS

Campinggården AS

Bürstner Sverige

Hobby GBI

Elite Caravan AS

Mobilen i Borås AB

Husvagnsdepån Caravan Bjuv AB

Caravanhallen i Haninge AB

Caravan & Marine i Valbo AB

Caravanhallen i Södertälje AB

Caravanhallen i Södertälje AB

Aktiv Fri10

Svensk Camping & Fritid W. Karlsson Aktiebolag

Helsingborgs Fritidscenter AB

Nordlunds Motor KB

Alingsås Motorgrupp AB

RIPS Släp & Husvagnsservice AB

Husvagnsreserven i Kristianstad AB

JG’s Husvagnar AB

PJ Husvagnar

Josefssons Husvagnar AB

WiMA Fritid Aktiebolag

Husvagnshuset i Mölndal AB

Fritids Metropolen AB

Bilhuset Småland AB / Weidar Husbilar

Husvagnscenter i Valbo AB

Västkustens Husbilscenter Finbil AB

Maskincentrum i Bockara AB

Høisveen Caravan (Kroken)

BBC Fritid AB

Caravan Shop AS

Rambekk Auto AS

Flo Fritid AS

Bodø Caravan (Kroken)

Ålesund Caravan (Kroken)

Ostkustens Fritidscenter AB

Hagen Caravan AS

Bomobil AS

Bobilsenteret Namsos AS

Din Husbil i Jönköping AB

Kroken Caravan Detalj AS av.d Oslo

Fritidsfordon i Trelleborg AB

Jerrys Husvagnsservice (Grava Caravan AB)

Autovendo AB

Brønnøy Caravan

Pecuna Husbilar

Haninge CampService AB

Skara Husvagnar Aktiebolag

Husvagnsspecialisten i Uppsala

Molunds Trafik AB

Nor Camp AS

Solhem Husbil AB

Sortland Caravan AS

Bobil meglerens AS

Lekebergs Husbilar AB

Perry Caravan AS

Erikssons Husvagnar i Kristinehamn

Profi Camper

Williams Caravan


Henrikssons Husvagnar AB

June Fritid AB

Husvagnspoolen i Värmland AB

P Hansen Caravan AB


Blå Kusten Marin o Fritid

Dags Husvagnscenter AB

Løviknes Caravan AS

Engströms Husvagnsservice AB

Kroken Caravan Detalj AS (Åndalsnes)

Vesterålen Caravan AS

OK Caravan AS

Lödde Husbilar AB


Kristinehamns Fritidsserice AB

Vincents Bike Shop AB

Granec Maskin AB

Birsta Husbil AB

Bilaktiebolaget Peter Rudvi

Caravan Center i Umeå AB

Skoklosters Husbilar

BW Fritid AB

Alta Caravan AS

Albins Husbilar AB

Bengts Husvagnar Aktiebolag

Heistad Caravan

Håkon Camping AS

GH Husvagnar AB


LW Husvagnar AB

Alvesta Husvagn & Fritid Aktiebolag

Adria Caravan AB

Sörberge Husvagnar AB

Høstland AS

Sunnmöre Caravan AS Ålseund o Stryn

Sehammars Service AB

Soliferpolar AB

Kabe Adria Center Öggestorp

Tekno Maskin

Fritidscenter i Göteborg AB

Norrkust Caravan AB

JH Erikssonshusvagnar AB

Elverum Caravanscenter AS

Bossings Fritidscenter AB

Caravan i Eskilstuna Aktiebolag

Fritidscenter i Trollhättan Aktiebolag

Fri-bo i Sollebrunn AB

M & M Caravane Aktiebolag – Västerås


Campea Malmö och Falkenberg

Nibo Caravan Aktiebolag

Who are Verendus' customers?

Verendus has a wide variety of customers in terms of size and complexity: Ranging from 1-100 million euros in annual sales, from 1-7 brands and 1-8 locations.

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