We can be proud of the fact that in recent years we have modernised and transformed the entire caravan industry.

Before we developed Verendus, only a few caravan dealers in Sweden and Norway had a functioning dealer management system.

Through our know-how, we have created a modern, web-based and user-friendly system, which the majority of these dealers use today and which helps them to have better processes in sales, in the workshop and in their shops (POS)

Verendus was founded in 2010 to fill a large gap in a relatively small business area. The opportunity was however big enough and we started to develop a web-based dealer management system. Our customers aren’t always the biggest, but they want to be among the best. It turned out that Verendus was also fit for dealers in other recreational vehicle segments – boats, snowmobiles, quad bikes, motorcycles, etc. We think that’s great!

We call Verendus simple = easy to use. It doesn’t have any unnecessary stuff that can irritate the user when working with it. We are continuously developing the system with customers’ wishes in mind. According to the motto “What is important for one dealer is also to the benefit of everyone else” there are free updates and improvements several times a year. All users have the same version and are always up to date.

Verendus is convenient for all customers and competitive in the international market. Introducing the software to employees is simple and easy to learn; there is no need for long courses. Would you also like to get to know Verendus, like other satisfied customers in the North? Then let us know. We offer training and support and look forward to hearing from you!


Verendus management team:

Dick Darelid, CEO

Rickard Ahlbom, Head of internationalization

Andreas Neu, Head of German Operations

Henrik Gerdin, Head of Product

Samuel Eklund, Head of Development

Christoffer Kjellin, Senior Developer


Together with our other colleagues we form a competent team that is passionately committed to further developing Verendus products – and of course always in close collaboration with our customers and users.

Verendus is part of Progrits, a growing Nordic software group of companies offering specialised information systems for a specific industry or function. Progrits’ strategy is based on long-term organic growth and focused acquisitions within three main areas: automotive, e-commerce and travel.

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Team Verendus